Kelley is hailed as a proven, accomplished consultant that specializes in transformational diversity, change and stakeholder management, leadership consulting to multicultural women, and implementing diversity and inclusion plans into corporate settings.


Kelley is committed to developing programs and presentations tailored to your needs. She will help you achieve your goals by working with you to create a unique plan that will transform your organization. Her goal is to give you the tips and the tools to get you to the finish line successfully.


Through television appearances, speaking engagements, workshops, presentations and group events, Kelley has more than 25 years as a proven motivational speaker on diversity and inclusion and is a thought leader and faith-based teacher and facilitator.



Kelley is one of the nation’s top motivational speakers for corporations, universities, conferences and media appearances. She speaks at corporate and religious conferences motivating hundreds to hone in on their leadership skills, address talent management within their organization, and cultivate their brand and corporate culture alignment.

Kelley’s talks are centered around her signature Conversation Pieces.™ These intriguing topics are based on lessons learned from corporate research as well as practical day-to-day scenarios captured from her own personal career experiences. Q & A sessions play an integral role. Kelley also includes case studies derived from professionals seeking their NEXT role in corporate America through the lenses of diversity, past experiences, inclusion and skill development.


During her keynote speeches, she inspires hundreds of business professionals, educators and worshipers inspiring them to analyze their experiences, make adjustments that will ultimately transform their lives and sharpen their focus. Kelley has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Savoy Magazine, Career Mastered, The Network Journal, Diversity Inc. and highlighted in Forbes Magazine.



How you show up to others can determine your personal brand and help to shape your brand narrative. Kelley will help you unleash your individual potential and your employees through facilitating transformational self-reflecting and development.


Let Kelley share her leading industry insights and enable you to embrace transformational change, engage employees and stakeholders, and help build your brand and narrative.


Diversity and Inclusion Expert

Without diversity and equity, you can’t evoke social change and progress within your organization. Effectively implementing diversity and equity into your organization will help you address disparities and create solutions that can yield towards sustainable transformation.


Kelley understands the need to put diversity and equity at the center of your D & I strategy. As a diversity and equality facilitator she will guide you on how to embrace policies and operations from diverse perspectives and understand the business value in incorporating diversity and equity when developing your products, services, value chain and competitive context.


Transformational Leader

An inspiring vision will motivate your organization and help to set the tone for a sustainable purpose. Understanding the people you lead, their values, and their capabilities will not only help you address their needs, it will help you to transform your organization.


Kelley knows how to create an inspiring vision of the future for any organization. Let her help you develop a strategic analysis of your environment through project and change management to help you achieve your long-term goals.



Author, diversity and inclusion expert, speaker, wife, mother, confidante, mentor/mentee matchmaker, career advisor, panel of one — and so much more. A driven, experienced and successful leader with a proven track record working at some of the biggest names in finance and healthcare across the country, Kelley’s had a fruitful career and she shares her experience in her book “It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?” Kelley’s mission is to help you make the most of your career by sharing her personal and professional experiences, tried-and-true tips and expert opinions.


Whether you’re reading her book “It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?,”  or listening to her speak at a leadership summit, you can count on Kelley to be direct, transparent and honest. These qualities have helped hundreds transform their lives and progress within their careers.


Kelley has been a member of countless panels, sharing her expertise to attendees at symposiums, meetings and conventions all over the country. At each event, Kelley is always struck by how many tough questions have really simple and incredibly effective answers. Kelley shares the answers in her book, It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?


In this book, Kelley and co-author Myron Rolle share the principles and protocols of excellence in the workplace as well as in personal life. Deeply rooted in faith and their own experiences, these tips are guaranteed to get you to the NEXT level.


Some of Kelley’s expert tips include:

  • For the job search: Know at least three major facts about the company and at least one point of interest about the hiring manager and recruiter
  • After you land the job: Always dress a level up; it keeps you focused.
  • When it’s time to make a change: Always have at least one key person in the company that can speak well of your work besides your supervisor.