The Defining Moment

Our world is in a time of growth and change, specifically around diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion. Being a part of this movement for years has taught me so much, and I would be honored to share what I’ve learned with you as I persistently seek to transfer knowledge to help continue in this journey. With an extensive background in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Social Justice, Human Rights, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, I offer consultation on various topics. 30 and 60-minute initial consultations related to the following are available:

1. Your organization does not have a diversity and inclusion strategy, but you know you need one
2. Your organization needs direction with D & I – you feel stuck and really aren’t sure what to do
3. You are not sure what the next steps should be in your D & I journey
4. Recent events have created a need to make progress with your D&I programs
5. You are a leader seeking to increase your diversity and inclusion competency
6. You want to become a D & I practitioner

I have been honored to work with the following companies in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion capacity:

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