The Defining Moment

Our world is in a time of growth and change, specifically around diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion. Being a part of this movement for years has taught me so much, and I would be honored to share what I’ve learned with you as I persistently seek to transfer knowledge to help continue in this journey. With an extensive background in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Social Justice, Human Rights, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, I offer consultation on various topics. 30 and 60-minute initial consultations related to the following are available:

1. Your organization does not have a diversity and inclusion strategy, but you know you need one
2. Your organization needs direction with D & I – you feel stuck and really aren’t sure what to do
3. You are not sure what the next steps should be in your D & I journey
4. Recent events have created a need to make progress with your D&I programs
5. You are a leader seeking to increase your diversity and inclusion competency
6. You want to become a D & I practitioner

To get started, please choose an option below, and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Let’s make a difference!

D & I Corporate
Strategy Consulting:

Assist leaders seeking to create, expand, or re-evaluate an existing diversity, equity and inclusion corporate strategy.

Choose from the following:

Interim Chief Diversity
Officer Role:

Interim role as a CDO consultant to help create, build out, or reevaluate a CDO role prior to filing the role permanently. This service will allow the organization to create the necessary framework needed to mobilize faster and more efficiently by working with stakeholders (internal and external) to ready the organization for success.

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D & I Career Path:

We’re committed to growing the next generation of DEI professionals. If you’re interested in entering the profession or interested in changing your career path to DEI, we can offer suggestions on next steps.

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D & I Best Practice Sharing:

Discuss the latest research, articles, and best practices in the DEI industry as well suggestions on resources as the work evolves.

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I have been honored to work with the following companies in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion capacity: